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 Welcome, To Our Family Search!

We have updated this website in June 2012 and this site now contains 7,064 individuals and 2,532 family names in addition to many old family photos which are free to download in high definition.  Start your search by finding the ancestor names of interest to you using the SURNAMES link here or to the left. 
Our  site is dedicated to all who have come before us.   The earliest birth recorded is 1186 AD and we have records of over 1,356 marriages.  Too, we have added hundreds of family photos which we are happy to share with you.

For our family, it all started with Benjamin P. Johnson back in the 1800 in rural Alabama where later we, too, built our home.  Click on the picture above to see a list of all of Ben's family.

If you are new to our website, to begin, we suggest you go to the lists of Surnames. Click on the family name to surf our database to learn of family ties and relationships.  Next,  we encourage you to go to our list of photographs to see if any of your relatives might be listed.  Our Photos are high resolution photos so that you can download them for your files and records.  Those on dial up modems will find uploading is a bit slow and we apologize for any inconvenience you might experience.  Click here to see our "How To" page. 

Your suggestions, contributions and remarks are truly welcome so please email us with your thoughts and information.  Should you find errors, we are only too happy to make needed corrections.  If you have special needs, we would be happy to work with you.  If you would like a GED or FTW file just let us know. 

Some of the information in our data is not yet fully documented and is provided "as is" for your information.  We continue to search, confirm, update and correct our database as we work on the family tree. Your help to ensure that we provide correct information is appreciated and solicited.  So many kind people have already assisted us in our efforts and to them we are grateful and offer our most sincere thank you.  With your help we are able to provide those searching their roots accurate and up to date relationships and information.



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Personal information for all living individuals has been removed to protect their privacy.

Every effort has been made to provide our visitors with correct information.  Should any error be found, we will take immediate action to correct our website and database with our most sincere apology.  We want your visit to be enjoyable and something you would share with your family and friends.  Your kind contributions are most appreciated and will add to the wonderful knowledge we present here. Generally, we only provide photographs of our immediate family due to the fact that our space is somewhat limited.  Any error or omission is not by design.