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Misc Photos

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Acker, Demaris Adi and William Cox, siblings in later life
Acker, Mary Cross and Susan Austin, sisters in later life
Acker, Theresa Jane (Gibson) circa 1864
Acker, William Cox and second wife Alice Pruitt
Acker, William Cox circa 1864
Acker, William Cox circa 1920
Acker, William Cox circa 1928
Alexander, Austin, Husband of Mary Elizabeth Johnson
Allman , Josephine circa 1860
Allman , Josephine circa 1911
Allman, Josephine back of photo in Alma Francis Brickhouse’s writing
Allman, Josephine middle aged
Allman, Mary Florence, Wife of James Howcott Brickhouse 

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Banar, Sallie and Husband
Bennett, Gus and Lula Ann Johnson Bennett
Bennett, Washington and Jack, children of Gus and Lula Bennett
Blackburn, Gaines Family
Brashier, Jim and Valera, Jim is Becky Nabours’ son
Brashier, Tom, Becky Nabours’ son
Brickhouse Boys Unnamed,   children of one of JH Brickhouse’s girls 
Brickhouse boys, children of one of JH Brickhouse’s girls, picture back
Brickhouse Family,? 
Brickhouse, Addie Lee 
Brickhouse, Albert and  Lucy, extended Family Photo
Brickhouse, Albert Sidney and wife Lucy Puckett
Brickhouse, Albert Sidney, Lucy (his wife), Addie Lee,
                   George Winthrop, Alma Francis and Allie
Brickhouse, Allie Josephine
Brickhouse, Alma and Children
Brickhouse, Bessie Harris
Brickhouse, George Winthrop and Callie with Mules
Brickhouse, George Winthrop and wife Callie Alexander
Brickhouse, James Howcott 
Brickhouse, James Howcott and second wife Rachel E Lloyd 
Brickhouse, James Howcott’s grandson Richard, son of one of his daughters
Brickhouse, JH, back row third from right, Eulaton, Alabama Masonic Lodge
Brickhouse, John Beasley 
Brickhouse, Joseph Alexander 
Brickhouse, Joseph Alexander and Mary, 50th Wedding Anniversary
Brickhouse, Joseph Alexander and wife, Mary "Minnie" Douglas Read
Brickhouse, JA and wife Mary "Minnie" Douglas Read photo back
Brickhouse, Lois, as a Young Woman
Brickhouse, Lois
Brickhouse, Pamela Amelia (Mealy)
Brickhouse, Parmelia Langford Garner
Brock, Etta Potter Ellsworth
Bunch, Gladys
Bunch, Gladys and Grace 
Bunch, Grace and Annie Foster
Bunch, John R and wife Cora Pritchett and family
Burns, Harriet Smith and husband Nathaniel Hughes Dobbins

Cadenhead, Horses                                                                          Top of Page
Cadenhead, Ola Third from left, Oklahoma 1901 
Cardwell, Amanda (far left), then clockwise, Edith Kennedy,
               Belle Hall, May Kennedy
Cate, Alma (Brickhouse) and Nellie

Colvin, William and Mary Polly Richey
Coplin, Rome with Trig Riggins and Douglas ?
Cowan, Jim

Dobbins, Nathaniel Hughes and wife Harriet Smith Burns

Ellsworth, Arthur and Etta Wedding
Ellsworth, Arthur V.
Ellsworth, Arthur Vivian , WWI uniform
Ellsworth, Arthur Vivian and Duettie Etta Dewy Potter
Ellsworth, Elmer
Ellsworth, Robert and Louise
Ellsworth, Susie Wilkerson

Gibson, Pearl (Pritchett) on right                                                       Top of Page
Gilbreath, Grady and wife Ruby McCain


Hall, Bell, 4 Generation Photo
Hamilton, Berty, Ella May Kennedy's husband.
Hester, Will (on left)

Jerrett, Buster
Johnson B P and Dr Tom Barclift 
Johnson BP Family circa 1922
Johnson Family circa 1913 taken at Lon Johnson’s (JW Johnson family bottom left)
Johnson, Ada and baby Opal 
Johnson, Annie Opal and Paul Edwin
Johnson, Ben P and wife Nancy Miranda Nabours 
Johnson, BP & Nannie Family circa 1898, Date, Lula, Tom Brashier and Icle
Johnson, Bud and Icle Johnson, top row
Johnson, Carl, JW, Ada, Opal and Kermit circa 1922
Johnson, Carl Motor Company 
Johnson, Celia Ann  (Sublett)
Johnson, Celia Ann (Sublett)
Johnson, Date
Johnson, Date and King, Buck
Johnson, Date and Talley Brookshire
Johnson, Date (on right
Johnson, Edna 
Johnson, Fannie Jo High (Winsor)
Johnson, Grampa Grandma 
Johnson, Harvey D and 2nd wife Reba May Whitehead                     Top of Page
Johnson, Harvey D, JP, and Carl circa 1909 
Johnson, Icle  (Mrs. Charlie Smith)
Johnson, J W and Children  circa 1925 
Johnson, James William and Family  circa 1913
Johnson, JP , young man
Johnson, JP and Harvey  D, baby photos 
Johnson, JP and Maude with fellow teachers
Johnson, JP School Picture 
Johnson, JP, baby photo
Johnson, JP, Harvey D, Carl , Opal, Kermit, Paul in front of family home in
                    Guntersville, AL during WWII
Johnson, JW and Ada  50th Wedding Anniversary 1951
Johnson, JW and Family  circa 1943
Johnson, JW Store  circa 1922
Johnson, JW Store Guntersville  circa 1939
Johnson, Kermit , as young child
Johnson, Kermit , baby photo
Johnson, Kermit and Family
Johnson, Kermit and Fannie Jo
Johnson, Kermit and Paul  WWII uniforms                                       Top of Page
Johnson, Kermit Children  Dean, Phil, Randy and baby Ben
Johnson, Kermit Fannie Jo, bicycle built for two 
Johnson, Lon P.
Johnson, Lon and baby Jean Ann McCain 1947
Johnson, Lon and Minerva Noble 
Johnson, Lon P, as young child
Johnson, Lula Ann 
Johnson, Minerva (Noble), Lon Johnson’s 1st wife
Johnson, Mrs. J P (Maude Blackwell) 
Johnson, Mrs. Kermit (Fannie Jo High Winsor) 
Johnson, Nannie (Nabors) (Mrs Benjmain P) 
Johnson, Nannie (Nabors) (Mrs. Benjamin P)
Johnson, Opal on right From left Rozelle Graves,?, Harvey D, Maude, Opal 1927
Johnson, Oran Datus, daughter Reba and wife Lela Alberta Brookshire
Johnson, Paul and friend  in uniform WWII  
Johnson, Reba ca 1914
Johnson, Sarah Frances and sister Rebecca Jane in later years,

Kennedy, Arthur, Gladys and Harry                                                  Top of Page
Kennedy, Edith (Hall)
Kennedy, Edith May
Kennedy, Edith May:  Cardwell, Amanda  
Kennedy, Ella May age  12 (James Barton Kennedy’s daughter)
Kennedy, Florence and Clarence Andrew Pursley‘s daughter , Loraine
Kennedy, Florence Arabella and Baby
Kennedy, Harry ca  1899
Kennedy, Harry, Florence, Edith May, circa 1901 
Kennedy, Loren Volney
Kennedy, Loren, Harry, Florence, Bell Hall, May, Edith, Stella Hall
Kennedy, LV and wife Edith Lucinda Hall Wedding photo
Kennedy, LV Edith Marriage Certificate
Kennedy, May
Kennedy, May age  6 mos

Lack, Samuel Coffee
Landford, Izetta and Maude Waddle

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McCain, Buren Hermes, Ruby and Wife Lois
McCain, Buren Hermes' Children Ruby and James W.
McCain, Clarence and wife Mittie Blankenship                               
McCain, Clarence, Mittie, Carolyn and Mary Ann
McCain, James William Sea Breeze 
McCain, James and Opal Johnson Wedding  1939
McCain, James William  in front of Sherwin Williams, Guntersville, Alabama 
McCain, Jean Ann
McCain, Otis Family 
McCain, Rev. William Franklin  (1846-1921)
McCullom, Henry 
McGee, Bill and Emma

Moon, Alphonso and Clarine Oliver                                                  Top of Page
Moon, Alphonso and Sarah Josephine Bird
Moon, Alphonso Lafonso 
Moon, Calvin Arthur age ca 7
Moon, Calvin and  May with daughter Edith Sadie
Moon, Calvin and friends
Moon, Calvin and May 
Moon, Calvin and May at Desert Farm                                               
Moon, Calvin Arthur wife Jean Ann McCain and daughter Popp
Moon, Calvin Edith May with Grandchildren 
Moon, Calvin L and May on Pear Blossom Farm
Moon, Calvin L ca 1966
Moon, Calvin Leroy
Moon, Calvin Leroy and May Wedding Photo 1912 
Moon, Calvin Leroy and Otto Florian Klement, circa 1912 
Moon, Calvin Leroy ca  1897
Moon, Calvin Leroy with Team 1914
Moon, Calvin Leroy, Calvin & Kathy
Moon, Calvin Leroy, May and Clarine
Moon, Calvin, Kathy in stroller, Robert, girl in back unknown
Moon, Calvin, Kathy, and  Robert
Moon, Children and Stewart Children   
Moon, Dottie age 17 Wedding Photo 
Moon, Edith 6 mos on farm 
Moon, Edith 6 mos studio portrait 
Moon, Kathy   1946
Moon, Kathy aged 3 years
Moon, Kathy and May Moon                                                         
Moon, May and family left baby Clarine Oliver, Edith Moon Oliver, May & Volney   
Moon, May circa 1942 
Moon, May with Volney, Vern and Edith  
Moon, Vern   
Moon, Vern and Unknown 
Moon, Vern, Louise, and Volney circa 1939
Moon, Volney
Moon, Volney Family Baby Kathy, Louise,  Volney, Robert and Calvin
Moon, Volney Robert and Edith with children
Moon, Volney, 1920 Gonzales, Colonial Rds, Oxnard, 5 years
Moon, Volney, Clarine Oliver, Earl Kennedy and Vern Moon 
Moon, Volney, Edith and Vern 
Morrow-Cadenhead-Gibson Cousins from left: Mabel Morrow, Oleta Cadenhead
            (Will's girl), Ruby Gibson, June Morrow, Mary Gibson and Ruth Morrow.
Morrow, Pearl (Pritchett) Family from left: June, Russell, Claude, Pearl, Ruth, Mabel 
Morrow, Rufus and Pearl and son 

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Nabors, Nannie, Will and Becky siblings 
Nabours Family
Noble, Charlotte Temple Remembrance Card  
Noble, Emma 
Nobles, Dick and Will Riggins                                                         

Oliver Family in Washington 
Oliver, Edith and Clarence
Oliver, Edith and Clarence 
Oliver, Edith Others
Oliver, Edith with Robert and Calvin Moon 
Oliver, Edith, Clarence and Clarine

Prentice, Davis Samuel "Bud" Family 
Prentice, Paul Son of Jane Caroline Nabours and Bud Prentice 
Prentice, Samuel  family
Pritchett Sisters   Pearl, Cora and Annie
Pritchett, Ada Oklahoma visit
Pritchett, Boot
Pritchett, E C (Boot)’s son Cicero circa 1893 
Pritchett, Leroy Maybe
Pritchett, Oklahoma relatives 
Pritchett, Ola and Gideon Cadenhead family
Puckett, Lucy, as a Child    
Pursley, Clarence Andrew & Wife  Florence Arabella Kennedy 
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Richardson, Florence  born  1872                                                     Top of Page
Richardson, Frank   born  1869 
Richardson, Mary Edith
Richardson, Mary Edith (Colvin)  born 1837
Richardson, Mary Edith (Colvin-Kennedy)
Richardson, Samuel born 1827 
Richardson, William  born 1865
Riggins, Bye   in WWI uniform
Riggins, Eugene
Riggins, James Nace's Son most probably
Riggins, Lt. Will 
Riggins, Nace and Della’s children
Riggins, Nace and Della's Children:  Will, Bye, Ethel and Nannie
Riggins, Nace and Family
Riggins, Nace Family
Riggins, Nace, Della, Will and Bye
Riggins, Nacy
Riggins, Trig with Rome Coplin and Douglas ?
Robinson, Ruth Emma April  1910, age 21 months
Robinson, William and wife Stella (Hall)

Shirley, JJ oldest Daughter  and Husband                                          Top of Page
Shirley, RC's Oldest Son (need name)
Smith, Charlie and Family  
Smith, James  
Smith, Verbon
Spear, Will 

Turner, Ross, Dot, Ann, Haskell, Cathy and Grady    

Walker, Miss Tempie,  Warrenton, Alabama


These Photos are of places 

Blountsville State Champs Football Team 1922, Left Back Row
        Carl and Harvey D Johnson
Blountsville State Champs Football Team 1922, Back of Photo 

Coldwater,  Alabama Picnic 1902                

Eulaton, Alabama Masonic Lodge  Picnic    circa 1905

Garmon Park, March 2, 1927

Johnson Reunion, Diamond,Alabama1922
Johnson Reunion List of Names 

Photos are of places & Events                                     Top of Page

Deep Sea Fishing Johnson-McCain 1958
Diamond, Alabama  School 1913
Diamond, Alabama  Saw Mill  
Diamond, Alabama Post Office ca 1880
Diamond, Alabama School circa 1898
Guntersville First Methodist Church , Oscar Horton SS Class circa early 1950’s
Mill  (Photo belongs to Alma Brickhouse Cate’s granddaughter)
Montalvo Old  School, Ventura County, California
Montalvo Old   School, Ventura County, California
Montalvo School, Ventura County, California 
Montalvo School  circa 1925, Ventura County, California
Montalvo Old School, Ventura County, California
Montalvo Old School, Ventura County, California 
Montalvo School, Ventura County, California
Prentice Mill, Arab, Alabama 
Saw Mill, Thompson Falls, Diamond, Alabama    

These Photos are of unknown people

Bearded Man
Family 1  
Family 2 - Old Alexander Place
Family Matching Clothes
Family & 5 Children
Fancy Dress Ladies
Fancy House
Gentleman Tin Type
Johnson School Teacher - Diamond-Warrenton, Al. Maybe Will Flower?
Lady Tin Type
Pair Tin Type
Potter, Dewetta Etta Center  and sisters Sally and Lena Ellen Maybe?
Six Ladies
Lady in Wicker Chair
Wedding Party  

Popular touring show in the late 1800s                                         Top of Page

West Mary Ad, Guntersville, Alabama