Johnson Reunion ‑ 1922 ‑ at B. P. and Nannie Johnson's home At Diamond, Alabama


 Standing L to R Jim Johnson, Date's brother Eugene Riggins, son of Nace and Della Mae Riggins DOUGLAS, daughter of Nace and Della Mack Rhoden, husband of Ethel Opal Johnson MC CAIN, daughter of Jim and Ada Reba Johnson HANSON, daughter of Oran Datus, nickname Date, and Lela Alberta Brookshire JOHNSON, wife of Oran Datus Verbon Smith, son of Charlie and lcle Datus "Date" Johnson Russell Riggins, son of Nace and Della Charlie Smith Cletus "Bye" Riggins, son of Nace and Della Lula Riggins, wife of Bye Buster "Bus" Smith, husband of Thelma Thelma Johnson SMITH, daughter of Lon and Minerva Alice Riggins DODD, daughter of Nace and Della Will Riggins, son of Nace and Della Young boy standing between Will and Lon is lad that stayed with B. P. and Nannie when Nannie could no longer carry firewood, water, etc. ‑as Reba said: He just did chores. B. P. never did household chores. No name known. Ivalene supplied the above info regarding lad to Reba on visit with Ivalene October,* 1994 Lon Johnson, Jim and Date's brother Minerva Nobles JOHNSON, wife of Lon


Sitting L to R Ada Pritchett JOHNSON, wife of Jim Baby Paul Johnson, son of Jim and Ada Kermit Johnson, son of Jim and Ada Ethel Riggins RHODEN, eldest child of Nace and Della, wife of Mack Rhoden Baby (possibly Virginia Rhoden BENSON) Child is probably (per lvalene) Melvin Rhoden, son of Ethel, death by auto accident in TN (Virginia and Melvin, if correct, are children of Mack and Ethel) Icle Johnson SMITH, sister of Jim, Date, Lon, and Della; wife of Charlie Ivalene Smith NOEL (Moss, 1995), daughter of Charlie and Icle Benjamin P. Johnson, father of Jim, Date, Lon, Icle, Della Junior Smith, son of Charlie & Icle Nancy "Nannie" Miranda Nabors JOHNSON, wife of Benjamin P (B P.) Della Johnson RIGGINS, sister of Jim, Date, Lon, Icle Kathleen Riggins HOPPER, daughter of Nace and Della Nace Riggins, husband of Della Child in Nace's lap Vasti Pritchett RIGGINS, wife of Will Vasti is sister of Leonard (Alpha Brookshire's husband, Lela's sister); Ada (wife of Jim Johnson) and Vasti's father were brother and sister. Chloe Riggins (married name unknown)


Front row: Dog, name unknown.