Using this Site

 1.  This site consists of several areas.  Top most is the list of family names or surnames.  Click here or on the link on the left SURNAMES.  There you will find all the family names listed in alphabetical order.  Find the family name you are interested in and click.  You will be directed to a second page where you will find all individuals with that last name.

2.  Click on the individual you wish to research.  You will be directed to the individual's page listing information that we have on that individual. 

3.  On the individual's page you may find birthdates, death dates, spouse and children.  Look for "NOTES"  on the page which will provide additional information regarding what is know about this person.  We have removed most of the information on individuals living to protect their privacy.

4.  In addition to the information above, you will find the source of the information provided.  Small numbers will follow the information and you can click that small number or scroll to the bottom of the page and see the source. 

5.  To see photographs relating to the family tree, click here or on the PHOTO ALBUM link on the side bar on the left.  The photo album has a button to link with an alphabetical listing of all the photographs on this website..  To return to the listing, just click your back button. Leave your cursor on the picture and several icons will appear which will allow you to save, print, email or open that photograph in your photo browser or in the bottom right corner an icon will allow you to enlarge the photo.  You may, also, copy a photograph by right clicking on the photograph and click on "Save Picture As" and indicate where on your computer you wish to save the photograph. 

7.  We would like to have your comments, suggestions and help in maintaining this site.  Throughout the site you will find links to email us.

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