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We are pleased to have many pictures of members of  the family tree and offer them for your enjoyment. We find that the search for our ancestors becomes real when we see pictures of who they were, who their families were and where they lived, worked and died. 

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To search our many photographs, simply double click on Index button below and you will find individuals listed and again you need only double click on the individual name to see that Photograph.  We have included a few comments to help you identify what you might find. 

Many of our photographs can be enlarged after they come up on your screen.  After the photo has come up, move the cursor on then off the picture and then back to the lower right corner of the photograph.  A small icon will appear which will allow your to enlarge the photo for details.  Also, in the upper right corner you will see 4 small icons which will allow you to save, print, email or open the photograph in My Picture Folder.  Please feel free to download and share these photographs for personal non-commercial use.  We have attempted to properly identify individuals, places and times and should you find errors, we would greatly appreciate your kind input so that we might correct information we provide others.    



These photos are presented for non-commercial use only and are copyright 2004,