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Notes for Benjamin Herndon

Source: Letter from the War Department, Washington, DC, addressed to Mrs. John Halliburton, of Memphis, Tennessee, dated March 28, 1923.
"The records of this office show that one Benjamin Herndon served in the Revolutionary War as a Private in a company designated at various times as Capt. Samuel Haws' and Capt. James Upshaw's Company, 2nd Virginia Regiment, commanded successively by Col. Christian Febiger. The date of Enlistment is not shown. His name appears on a company pay muster roll covering the period from May 1 to June 1, 1777, and is last borne on the company muster roll for December 1777, with remarks "Enlisted 30 December in the horse service." No futher record of his service has been found, nor has any record been found of the service in the Revolutionary War of any other Benjamin Herndon.
Robert C. Davis
The Adjutant General
The pay received for the above mentioned service was 6 2/3 dollars per month, for the months of May, June, July, August, October, and December, 1777
Benjamin Herndon was recorded in The Daughters of the American Revolution Patriot Index, Vol. 1, p. 324
1782, December 14, Benjamin of Caroline Co, VA purchased 200 acres from James Holland of Charlotte Co, VA for 100 pounds Virginia money. Land bound by the lands of Edward Arnold, William Sansome, Manoah Sullivant, and Mary Ales. Witnessess were Hillary Mosely, Giles Newton, and Thomas Burton (probably the father of Thomas Halliburton who married Lucinda Herndon, a daughter of Ann and Benjamin Herndon)

1873 Caroline Co, VA tax list only year Benjamin listed in this county - 1 WP for himself, 1 BP for negro over 16 years of age, five negros under 16 years of age, 3 horses and 4 cattle

1787, December 5, Benjamin and Ann Herndon and James Newton witness sale of 640 acres in Marlborough District, SC, where Giles Newton, of Charlotte Co, VA, a planter, deeded to Younger Newton of Marlborough District. 100 pounds, Deed proven May 10, 1788 by Benjamin Herndon before William Easterling, recorded November 20, 1788, Deed Bk A, p 183, Marlborough District, SC. This is the tract of land granted Giles Newton on August 7, 1786 "By His excellency William Moultrie Esqr., Governor and Command-in-Chief in and over the State of South Carolina.
Less than a year later Benjamin witnessed the additional purchase of land by Younger Newton of Marlborough District, SC, Deed Bk A, p 240

Could not find in 1790 Census probably in Virginia

1792, October 22, witnessed will of William Terrell of Halifax Co, VA. William's will proved June 26, 1797, Will Book 1792-1797, p 73, Benjamin Herndon and Henry Chandler were the securties for the administration of the estate.

1797, July 7. Benjamin Herndon of Halifax Co, VA and GIles Newton of Charlotte Co, VA, sold to James Newton 200 acres in Charlotte Co on the waters of Buffalo Creek, bounded by Mary Ales, Burrows and Mosely. 100 pounds Virginia money.

1797, October 10 Marlborough District, SC
Deed Bk F-8, p 88: Joab Insley and wife Elizabeth of Marlborough District, SC conveyed to Benjamin Herndon, of Halifax Co, VA 150 acares of land more or less northeast of the Pee Dee River near Crooked Creek, $400. This land was formerly owned by John Breeden, witnesses Elias Baggett and Younger Newton

Deed Bk F-1, p 90 Elias Baggett, tanner, of Marlborough County, SC to Benjamin Herndon of Halifax County, VA, planter. $100. 50 acres on Crooked Creek including the plantation, being the whole of the parcel transferred to him by Abraham Baggett by deed Jan 6, 1795; the same is part of a 150 acre tract originally granted to Sarcenet Roach by His Excellency Charles Greville Montagoe July 26, 1773. Witness: Younger Newton and Job Insley. Recorded Sept 1, 1799, Book F-1. P 90

1798, September 26, John Hains of Marborough Co, SC, a planter, conveyed to Benjamin Herndon or Marlborough District, SC, 100 acres on Crooked Creek, $200, Witnesses Younger Newton and John Easterling, Deed Bk F-1, p 91

1800 Marlboro District, SC 1810 Marlboro District, SC
Males Males
Under 10 1 David
Under 10 - 1 John ?
10-15 1 William? Or 16-25 1, b 1785-1794
16-25 - Younger b 1785
26-44 - 1 Benjamin 45 and over - 1 Benjamin

Females Females
Under 10 3
Under 10 1 Lucy 10-15 Lucy
b Dec 17, 1797
Cheraw Hill,
Marlborough, SC
10-15 3 16-25
16-25 1
26-44 1 Ann 45 & Over Ann

1804, September 7, Joshua Dilling conveyed to Benjamin Herndon 240 acres, recorded Marlborough District Deed Bk FF, p 273

1806, September 2, Benjamin witness on land sale by John Breeden

Marlboro County Tax List 1812 lists Benjamin harndon who paid 3.665 taxes in 1811

1812, February 28, Marlboro District, lists Benjamin Herndons Line on the NE side of great Peedee River and south prong of Crooked Creek in a land sale to James Stubbs, Sr. from George and Silah Bristow
May 30, 1814, Ann Herndon and John Herndon apply to administer Benjamin's estate, (Malboro Co, SC Probate Records Apartment 4, Package 8)

June 8, 1814, John Herndon, John Breeden, William Herndon, and James Smith were appointed to take an Inventory of the Estate.

June 28, 1814, five men were nominated by William Easterling as possible appraisers.

July 26, 1814, William Bristow, James Newton, William Pearce, and James Jones were appointed appraiser. On the same day the estate was appraised to be worth $3,410.50; of which $3,075.00 was the value assigned to his eleven slaves.

*** CHECK THIS DATE October 13, 1814, John Herndon, Administrator of the Estate, paid Champ P. James and Margaret, his wife their share and portion of the estate (SC Dept of Archives, Columbia, SC)

October 24, 1814, Nancy Herndon purchased from the estate one negro woman and her three children for $626, a negro girl for $300, a number of household items and live stock.

February 3, 1815, Ann Herndon conveyed to John Herndon "all the land lying and being situated in Marlborough District, SC, which is all of the one-third part of all the lands which my husband, Benjamin Herndon, deceased, died possessed of, which I became entitled to by the Act of Assembly now/of in this State as a widow's portion of said Estate. The said third part containing about 163 acres of land, more or less, to be divided of from the also two-thirds hereafter for 163 acres more or less. $640, Witnesses: John Bethea & William Bethea. Marlborough District Deed Bk H-1, p 163

February 4, 1815, Marlboro Co, SC Probate Records Apartment 4, Package 8: Ann Herdon, widow, of marlborough; John Pearce and Younger Herndon of Stewart Co, TN, planters: and William Herndon and James Herndon and John Breeden, Jr of Marlborough, planters; are held and firmly bound unto John Herndon, administrator of all goods, chattels, and credits of the said Benjamin Herndon, deceased, for the sum of one thousand dollars...
The condition of the above obligation is such, that whereas the above bonden Ann Herndon, John Pearce, Younger Herndon, William Herndon, and James Herndon and John Breeden, the widow and chioldren, heirs of the estate of Benjamin Herndon, last of Marlborough District, deceased, have made an agreement all unamimously to rate together on an Equal Average what they each and all have received as advancements in the life-time of their parent Banjamin Herndon, deceased, upon which the above names Ann Herndon became bound to his four children now under age to pay each of them Seventy-five dollars which will make equal with the others and whatever they have received...

1815 December 15 Lucinda marries Thomas Burton

1818, October 19, Marlborough District, SC, Deed Bk M, p 8: Sheriff sells310 acres of land from Benjamin Herndon estate on the NE side of Great Pee Dee River that was bought by John Augustus Evans, who died before complying with the conditions of the sale, to Thomas Williams. Known on the plat of the Resurvey by letters A, B, C & D #1

1820 Census Lucy(16-25) and Thomas Burton (16-25) with 2 sons under 10 living in Stewart Co, TN
Margaret (16-25) and Champion P James (45 and over, must be an error) with 2 sons under 10 living in Stewart Co, TN


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