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Notes for Younger Herndon

Younger HERNDON BORN 1785 in VA - DIED after 1850 census

1820 Stewart Co 1830 Trigg Co KY 1840 Stewart County, p 325 1850 Trigg, KY, family 36, p 331
Males Males Males
Under 5 - 1, Younger Newton, b 1836 Younger Newton 13
Under 5 - 2 10-15 - 2
Alfred Alfred Charles b KY Nov 1, 1825
David David David 19 b1830
5-10 - 1 15-20 - 1 b bet 1820-1825
10-15 - 2
26-44 - 1 Younger 40-49 - 1 Younger 50-60 - 1 Younger Younger 65

Females Females Females
Nancy A 7
Under 5 - 1 Missouri Jane 10, d 1912 Trigg Co, KY
5-10 - 1 Susan 16
Under 5 - 1 Ann 10-15 - 1 Ann
Under 10 - 2, 10-15 - 1
b abt 1812 & 1815
10-15 - 1,
possible twin of Benj
26-44 - 1, 1st wife 30-39 - 1 (1st wife) 30-40 - 1 Sarah (2nd wife) Sarah 49, b VA, 1801
b bet 1776-1794

1807 Stewart Co, TN Tax List Capt. John Warden's Company, Young Herndon, 1 WP, 1 BP Moses Hedgecock in same district
Younger would have been 22 yrs old and Moses 44 years old (Stewart Co Minutes 1804-1807, p 200)

1818 Stewart Co, TN court minutes 1815-1819,
p 245 Younger on jury
p 282 Jesse Brown vs Younger Herndon "find the plaintiff the sume of $14. Therefore it is considered by the Court tha the
Plaintiff Rcover against the said Defendant the aforesid together with his costs by him about his suite in this behalf

May 4, 1819, Younger witness with Champ P. James (brother-in-law) and John Webb on a deed from William James to Israel James, 110 acres on the head waters of Wells Creek

Monday, 1 May 1820 Court, Stewart Co. TN County Court Minutes Vol. 1, Nov. 1819 - May 1821, p 168, - Court appoints Horatio Humphries overseer in place of Gladden Gorin, and orders the hands of William Tubb, James Tubb, William Tubb Jr., John Webb, Ann Herndon, Younger Herndon, Stephen Thomason, William Newton, John Stewart & Gladden Gorin to work under him

Monday, 6 August 1821 Court, Stewart Co. TN, County Court Minutes Part 8, Aug. 1821 - May 1824, p 5, Deed from John Baree to Ann Herndon for 100 acres proven by oaths of Younger Herndon & Gladden Gorin
- Deed from Elijah Lowry to William Herndon for 774 acres proven by oath of Gladden Gorin

Sept. 21, 1821 Stewart Co, TN Deed book O, p 408, 409, 410 - 412, Ann and David Herndon of Stewart Appoint Younger Herndon of same their atty to ask, demand and receive of the estate of Benjamin Herdon decd. Of Marlboro Dist SC and William Brislow Clark of said dist all monies due me from said estate
Thomas H. Burton and Lucy H. Burton, appoint Younger
Champion P and Margaret James appoint Younger

Monday, 5 August 1822 Court, Bill of sale from Ann Herindon to William Philips for Negro boy Stephen proven by oaths of Younger Herindon & Thompson B. Gorin

Friday, 9 May 1823 Court, p 225, - Elijah Lowry vs. Younger Herndon (appeal): case continued

Wednesday, 5 November 1823 Court, p 283, Elijah Lowry vs. Younger Herndon (appeal): jurors find that the defendant owes the plaintiff $37.525

1828 Stewart Co, TN Tax List Capt. Bruton's Co, 1 WP (Also listed in this district James Hendon & Younger Herndon and Abraham Phillips)

Younger was a farmer and a blacksmith

1830 Census Trigg Co, KY listed as Younger Harrington

Abt. 1833 buyer at David Downs Estate Sale Stewart Co, TN

Court September 13, 1836, Trigg Co, KY Court Order Book "B" - 1831-1839, p 330 Ordered that Alexander Harrall be appointed surveyor of that part of the road leading from Cadiz to Dover, commencing at the crossroads near Wm. Scott's and continuing to where a drain crosses the road in the hollow about half a mile below the old field where Elijah Biggs' formerly lived and that he have the following hands to work under him, to wit: Younger Herrington, John Tinsley, WIlliam Bibb, Ross Skinner, Ricks Skinner, William Edwards and the hands of Elizabeth Stewart.

Court May 13, 1844, Trigg Co, KY Court Order Book "C" 1839-1850 p 215, Ordered that Richard Rogers be appointed surveyor of that part of the road leading from Olive's landing to Lindsey's mill commencing at Wm Scott's land and continuing to the east corner of Jesse Cox's farm and have the following hands to work under him, viz: Youner Herrington, E.R. Skinner and hands, Amy Skinner's hands, Jane (?) Boren's hands, Wesley Skinner, Wm. Cox and Geo. Cox.

June 8, 1845, Younger Herndon, Trigg Co, KY borrowed $100 from John L. Evans for the purpose of buying one road wagon. The loan was to be repayed by December 25, 1845. Trigg Co Deed Bk I, p 242

May 13, 1850 Younger purchased 140 acres on Little River in Trigg Co, KY from Alfred Boyd for $250, Trigg Deed Bk J, p 578, recorded Nov 11, 1850

May 15, 1856 Younger and Sarah sell 115 acres, $1,000, Little River (conveyed to him by Alfred Boyd) to Charles Edward Lewis, Trigg Deed Bk M, p 450 It mentions to exclude any portion of the land conveyed by Jacob Dorian to the Trustees of the Methodist E Church, if it be embraced in the boundary listed in the deed.

May 25, 1859 purchasers at Younger's estate sale included David and AC Herndon and WR Futrell.

June 13, 1859 Trigg Co, KY Administrator's Bonds Book 1 1853-1866, p 118, Richard S. Rogers bond also listed Payton Thomas

June 25, 1859 Younger's estate inventoried and appraised, personal property valued at $624.85, Trigg Will Bk E, pgs 450-51 Showed note for Riley Vinson for $17, July1, 1857

July 5 and 11, 1859, Jonathan Rogers and WR Futrell certified to RS Rogers, Admin of Younger's estate inventory Trigg Will Bk E, p 450-452

Order Book E, Trigg Co KY, p 150, Court Monday July 11, 1859, Younger Herndon's personal estate inventory filed
p 319, Court September 9, 1861, settlement with Richard S. Rogers administrator of Young Herdon's estate
p 334, Court Monday October 14, 1861, settlement filed by Richard S. Rogers approved and ordered to be recorded


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